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Autor: HG-BuTTe Verfasst am 02. 11. 2016
Just Survive: Test server updateJS News

It's been a few weeks since we've had something to report, but I have good news - we have pushed the latest build to Test and it should be available for you guys around midday tomorrow. Wed like that extra little bit of time tonight and tomorrow morning to smoke test one last time before the unlock to make sure its safe to do so.
Here's a quick list of some of the things we've addressed in this build:
Most of the server sync issues have been addressed (this also addresses a great deal of lag-related issues)
Fixed an issue with free placing objects on base foundations (IEDs, etc)
Fixed an issue where zombies had missing audio
Fixed a respawn exploit where players could teleport around the map
Fixed an exploit where players could drive vehicles through metal gates (please note that we are aware of two existing variations of this and we're investigating both - let us know if you find others!)
Character names can now be reused after the character has been deleted
Fixed an exploit where melee weapons could take on the behavior of other items
and more. Please note that this is just a short list of some of the things we've addressed.
Please report everything you find back to us in this thread - we will be tracking it. We'll collect, prioritize, and address the top issues as they're reported. We'll also acknowledge what we're going to work on later. We will not be able to address every single thing you guys find in this round - we'll monitor Test for a week or two and address as much as we can, but I want to be clear that we while we wont address every single issue, we will log everything that's reported. We'll communicate this list back to you when we make the transition from Test to Live.
I'll send out another update here once it's unlocked on Test tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, folks. We're close.