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Call of Duty: WW2 - Release...
Donnerstag, 29. Jun 2017|12:53UhrAutor: HG-BuTTe
So siehts aus Kammer
Samstag, 04. Mar 2017|17:34UhrAutor: HG-BuTTe
Twitch - Streamer stirbt wä...
Donnerstag, 23. Feb 2017|19:00UhrAutor: HG-BuTTe
H1Z1: Just Survive – Veränd...
Dienstag, 14. Feb 2017|20:26UhrAutor: HG-BuTTe
Just Survive server wipe sc...
Dienstag, 14. Feb 2017|12:31UhrAutor: HG-BuTTe
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Hey Nega :D
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Lang is her ---aber wart so nic...
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Samstag 29. 10. 2016 - 21:33 Uhr - Just Survive - One Month on from the WipeJS Discussion


No excuses. The update that went out on the 29th was broken. When it rolled out, I'd been here 3 days. I wasn't around for the decision to push this update, and it had been on Test way before I got here, but no matter - I apologize and take responsibility for the state the game is in right now.
We are going to do better by you. We have to. You deserve nothing less.
I do have some news - I know it's not much, but it's something. We've been testing the build in QA these past two weeks and I can say with some certainty that we'll be pushing it to Test early next week. This might be Monday. It might be Tuesday. I'm not going to promise you guys a date just to let you down if something happens between now and then. But it's looking good. Also, keep in mind that the last thing I want to do is come in here and say "soon!" every few days - we're working on it. To tell you that over and over when we're heads down here doesn't do you guys any good.
In the past, Test has been hit or miss. I know. I've been doing my homework on this. Sometimes bugs are reported but deemed lower priority which creates a confusing feedback loop for you guys. You report something, we note it and mark it for later, but it appears that we've ignored your feedback when we don't fix that thing you reported before pushing to Live. I'd love to tell you that we can fix every single thing you report before pushing to Live, but the reality is that we have to choose what we decicde to squash carefully so we're not in this persistent Test status.
I'll post the minute we push to Test. I want you guys to hammer this one. Report everything you see. I will try my best to communicate back what we've decided to fix once we have some visibility as well as what we've noted and plan on fixing a bit later. There will be a loop back to fix issues once we get some solid testing - probably a week or so on Test. Maybe more if we (you and us) deem it necessary.
We've fixed a lot of things with this one. We're going to fix a lot more with the next one. We're going to get Just Survive stable. It might take a few updates, but we're going to get there. I want it there just as much as you do. Maybe more! Because once it's stable, I'll feel comfortable talking about our roadmap for next year. I want to tell you guys what we have planned so much but to do so with the game in the state it's in now would be irresponsible.
Thanks for listening. And again, I'm sorry it's like it is now.

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Freitag 28. 10. 2016 - 08:17 Uhr - Infinite Warfare spielt zum Teil im All. Infinite Warfare spielt zum Teil im All. (Bild: Activision


Das nächste Call of Duty spielt zum Teil im All, die PC-Systemanforderungen von Infinite Warfare sind aber nicht überirdisch - sondern nur dezent höher als beim letztjährigen Black Ops 3. Auf der Festplatte belegt das Programm mittlerweile aber mindestens 70 GByte an Platz.
Activision hat die Hardwareanforderungen für die PC-Version von Infinite Warfare bekanntgegeben. Wie schon bei Black Ops 3 nennt der Publisher auf Steam nur die Mindestvoraussetzungen - eine spätere Aktualisierung mit den empfohlenen Spezifikationen wie bei Battlefield 1 ist also wenig wahrscheinlich

Grundlegendes hat sich bei Infinite Warfare gegenüber Black Ops 3 nicht getan. Statt 6 GByte RAM müssen es nun 8 GByte sein, CPU und GPU müssen etwas flotter sein. Auf der Festplatte belegt der diesjährige Titel mindestens 70 GByte - Black Ops 3 hat sich anfangs noch mit 60 GByte begnügt. Bei Black Ops 3 kamen dann aber recht schnell weitere Daten dazu, weil Activision wegen technischer Probleme rasch ein Update nachschieben musste.


64-Bit-Version von Windows 7 oder höher
Intel Core i3-3225 mit 3,30 GHz oder vergleichbar
Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 oder AMD Radeon HD 7850 (beide mit 2 GByte VRAM)
RAM 8 GByte
Festplatte 70 GByte
Infinite Warfare spielt in ferner Zukunft und schickt den Spieler im Verlauf der Kampagne mit einem eigenen Kriegsschiff ins All, wo er sich sowohl mit seinem Raumschiff als auch zu Fuß in Stationen allerlei Kämpfe liefert. Neben dieser Kampagne gibt es natürlich erneut einen sehr umfangreichen Multiplayermodus sowie Zombies.

Infinite Warfare entsteht derzeit beim Entwicklerstudio Infinity Ward. Es soll am 4. November 2016 für Windows-PC, Xbox One und die Playstation 4 erscheinen. Die USK hat eine Freigabe ab 18 Jahren vergeben.

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Donnerstag 27. 10. 2016 - 20:26 Uhr - Hello from Landon Montgomery


Hello Survivors!

My name is Landon Montgomery and I’m celebrating my second week here at Daybreak as the new General Manager of H1Z1: Just Survive. I wanted to say hello to the community and take a moment to give you some detail on me and my role. As GM, it’s my job to oversee Just Survive top to bottom and deliver on the existing and future promises of the game. Speaking of which, we have some really cool design plans forming up as I write this that I’ll be stoked to share with you in the coming months. Right now however, I’m focused on getting the live build to a solid, high quality state for the Just Survive community.

Leading up to and during the short time I have been here, I’ve been able to assess the Just Survive history both internally and externally. And, while I recognize that the past year has been a little frustrating for the loyal crowd, I know that the internal team is excited to push forward and do right by you, the players. It’s one of the reasons I’m here and why we’re actively building up the Just Survive team. We’ve added several key roles and we are excited to introduce these additional team members in the coming weeks.

In addition to forming a solid team, my main objectives for the development team are to communicate with you on a more frequent and consistent basis while also delivering against what we have communicated. Collectively, we want to focus on solid updates and quality content. The team is actively reading and listening to your discussions on Reddit and social and we have lots of ideas that we want to implement, but our key focus will be consistent delivery of well tested updates that don’t break other things.

Easy to say, right? So, why should you listen to me?

I’ve been in the game industry since 1996. I joined a studio back then by the name of Virtus where I co-developed the first id authorized third-party Quake level editor, Deathmatch Maker. After that, I spent time as a level designer and artist at Bethesda Softworks before moving to join the startup Rebel Boat Rocker. We worked on a FPS in the late ‘90s for EA called Prax War, but it was eventually cancelled. This turned out to be one of the luckiest moments in my life, and as a direct result, I was able to co-found Gearbox Software.

I did a bit of everything at Gearbox. By day, I was the COO. By night, I was an artist/animator/director/producer and so on. We all wore many hats those first few years. I spent some of the best years of my life at GBX. We’d worked on so many great IPs, from Half-Life to Halo, Tony Hawk to James Bond, and we’d successfully launched our own original IPs, Brothers in Arms and Borderlands. I’d accomplished so much of what I’d dreamed of doing at that point in my life, but decided it was time to shift focus to another important job– I just wanted to be a good dad. As a result, I was able to spend the first years of my little girl’s life right there with her. I got to see all of the magical first moments in person and I loved every minute of it.

Eventually I started to miss the gaming industry and took a contract gig with Nintendo that reignited my passion for developing games. It is my default setting and I knew it was time to come back.

When I started talking to Daybreak I came out here to San Diego to see things in person and realized almost immediately that I had to join this team. My past two weeks on site have solidified that the people here are amazing, the talent pool is deep, the passion and energy is through the roof, and the opportunities and abilities of the studio are super compelling. I’m really excited to be a part of this family.

We have so much planned for the Just Survive community and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in what we have in store for you all. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be able to share some of these things with you. For now, I want to focus on stabilizing the live game and moving forward from there. You all deserve that and so much more to boot. I’ve seen what lies in store of for you guys. It’s beyond what’s been discussed to date and its cool stuff.

As we onboard new team members, we’ll likely do an AMA in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that. For now, I hope that the team and I can demonstrate our absolute dedication to Just Survive and you, the fans.



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